DBD::mysql Makefile.PL options

Complete list of DBD::mysql Makefile.PL options for version 4.027.
In the terminal, change to the source directory and execute the below command.

# perl Makefile.PL --help


Usage: perl Makefile.PL [options]

Possible options are:


Use <flags> for running the C compiler; defaults to the value of "mysql_config --cflags" or a guessed value
Use <libs> for running the linker; defaults to the value of "mysql_config --libs" or a gussed value
Build version of driver supporting mysqlEmb
Use these libs when building the embedded version of DBD (with --force-embedded). Defaults to the value of "mysql_config --embedded".
Use the database <db> for running the test suite; defaults to test
Use the username <user> for running the test suite; defaults to no username
Use the password <pwd> for running the test suite; defaults to no password
Use <host> as a database server for running the test suite; defaults to localhost.
Use <port> as the port number of the database; by default the port number is choosen from the mysqlclient library
Specify <path> for mysql_config script
Specify <path> for the root of the MySQL installation.
Supress using the "myld" script that redirects STDERR while running the linker.
Change the behavior of $sth->rows() so that it returns the number of rows physically modified instead of the rows matched
Toggle the use of driver emulated prepared statements prepare, requires MySQL server >= 4.1.3 for server side prepared statements, off by default
Toggle the use of driver attribute mysql_bind_type_guessing. This feature makes it so driver-emulated prepared statements try to "guess" if a value being bound is numeric, in which case, quotes will not be put around the value.
Enable SSL support
Print this message and exit
All options may be configured on the command line. If they are not present on the command line, then mysql_config is called (if it can be found): mysql_config --cflags mysql_config --libs mysql_config --embedded mysql_config --testdb and so on. See DBD::mysql::INSTALL for details.

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