Installing DBD::mysql

DBD::mysql is an implementation of DBI for MySQL, for Perl. It is required for running the MySQL Benchmark Suite scripts written in Perl language.
NOTE: Read more about DBI and libdbi.

We did not install DBD::mysql before installing MySQL Server, because DBD::mysql needs MySQL Server to be present prior to the installation.
DBD::mysql has mysql-libs package as a dependency. So we will compile and install DBD::mysql from source. Installing DBD::mysql from source code involves the following steps.
NOTE: Installation is performed based on the rules iRULE5 and iRULE1.
1) Installing missing dependencies
2) Downloading the source code
3) Unpacking and Installing
4) Post Installation procedures

1) Installing missing dependencies
Test::Deep is a perl module that provides extremely flexible deep comparison. It can handle circular data structures without getting caught in an infinite loop. It is required for utilising full features of DBD::mysql.
CentOS v6.3 DVD1 installation doesn’t come with Test::Deep package.
Perform the below steps for installing Test::Deep.
NOTE: Installation is performed based on the rule iRULE4.

If you have an internet connection
If you do not have an internet connection

If you have an internet connection
In the terminal, execute the following command.

# yum install perl-Test-Deep
Is used to install the latest version of a package or group of packages while ensuring that all dependencies are satisfied. (See Specifying package names for more information) If no package matches the given package name(s), they are assumed to be a shell glob and any matches are then installed. If the name starts with an @ character the rest of the name is used as though passed to the groupinstall command. If the name starts with a - character, then a search is done within the transaction and any matches are removed. If the name is a file, then install works like localinstall. If the name doesn’t match a package, then package "provides" are searched (Eg. "") as are filelists (Eg. "/usr/bin/yum"). Also note that for filelists, wildcards will match multiple packages.

If you do not have an internet connection
Find a system that has an internet connection. Download the perl-Test-Deep package for CentOS v6.3 from
The size of downloaded RPM is 53.2 KB.
In the terminal, change to the directory holding the RPM file. Execute the following command.

# rpm -ivh perl-Test-Deep-0.106-1.el6.noarch.rpm

This installs a new package.

Print verbose information - normally routine progress messages will be displayed.

Print 50 hash marks as the package archive is unpacked.  Use with -v|--verbose for a nicer display.



2) Downloading the source code
DBD::mysql is available from the CPAN or Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. Goto Click on Download. This will start the download.
The downloaded file DBD-mysql-4.027.tar.gz will be 134 KB in size.



3) Unpacking and Installing
Make sure you have copied the downloaded file DBD-mysql-4.027.tar.gz to directory /usr/src/. In the terminal, change to /usr/src/ directory.

# cd /usr/src

Extract the gzipped tarball containing DBD::mysql

# tar -xvzf DBD-mysql-4.027.tar.gz

extract files from an archive

verbosely list files processed

filter the archive through gzip

use archive file or device ARCHIVE


Now we will have directory DBD-mysql-4.027 with the extracted files. Switch to the directory in terminal.

# cd DBD-mysql-4.027

Execute the Makefile using Perl.
To see the complete configure options for DBD::mysql, execute the below command
command: # perl Makefile.PL –help
To see the complete configure options for DBD::mysql, see the link here.

# perl Makefile.PL --ssl

Enable SSL support

This will check our system for required dependencies, assigns values for system-dependent variables and use these values to generate the Makefile.PL.

Execute make.

# make

make will look at our Makefile, compile our program code and create the executables in the sequence described.

Execute make install.

# make install

install will look for the target install in Makefile.PL, and install DBD::mysql to the specified location.



4) Post Installation Procedures
Adding DBD::mysql libraries to the shared library cache
NOTE: Before running this command, make sure you have added the directory /usr/local/ to the System library path as instructed here.
Run ldconfig.

# ldconfig

ldconfig scans the folder and updates the shared library cache; so that dynamic-linker can find them during runtime.

Adding the DBD::mysql manpages to MANPATH
DBD::mysql manpages are located at /usr/local/share/man/. This path is already added in the /etc/man.config file. So we need not make any extra changes.


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