Installing Perl GD

Perl GD is an autoloadable interface module for GD. It is a popular library for creating and manipulating PNG files. It is required for running the Perl script in graph-compare-results in MySQL Benchmark Suite.
CentOS v6.3 DVD1 installation doesn’t come with the Perl GD package.
Perform the below steps for installing Perl GD.
NOTE: Installation is performed based on the rule iRULE4.

If you have an internet connection
If you do not have an internet connection

If you have an internet connection
In the terminal, execute the following command.

# yum install perl-GD

Is used to install the latest version of a package or group of packages while ensuring that all dependencies are satisfied. (See Specifying package names for more information) If no package matches the given package name(s), they are assumed to be a shell glob and any matches are then installed. If the name starts with an @ character the rest of the name is used as though passed to the groupinstall command. If the name starts with a - character, then a search is done within the transaction and any matches are removed. If the name is a file, then install works like localinstall. If the name doesn’t match a package, then package "provides" are searched (Eg. "") as are filelists (Eg. "/usr/bin/yum"). Also note that for filelists, wildcards will match multiple packages.


If you do not have an internet connection
Find a system that has an internet connection. Download the Perl GD package for CentOS v6.3 from
The size of downloaded RPM is 180 KB.
In the terminal, change to the directory holding the RPM file. Execute the following command.

# rpm -ivh perl-GD-2.44-3.el6.i686.rpm

This installs a new package.

Print verbose information - normally routine progress messages will be displayed.

Print 50 hash marks as the package archive is unpacked.  Use with -v|--verbose for a nicer display.



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